Problems with Conda Megathread

The following are a list of common problems users have using programs that run into using Conda.

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Conda does not work from within script

Common Errors Associated

usage: conda [-h] [-v] [--no-plugins] [-V] COMMAND ...

conda: error: argument COMMAND: invalid choice: 'activate' (choose from
'clean', 'compare', 'config', 'create', 'info', 'init', 'install', 'list',
'notices', 'package', 'remove', 'uninstall', 'rename', 'run', 'search',
'update', 'upgrade', 'doctor', 'repoquery', 'env')

Common Resolutions

  • Make sure initial line of sbatch script is #!/bin/bash -l. The -l is important to set up your environment correctly for Conda.